Visit us at the ADA Annual Session booth 1659. Witness Airocide eliminating glutaraldehyde for yourself.

airocide_dds_bwplaque_promoAirocide® DS

So Scientifically Advanced it Doesn’t Use a Filter.

The Airocide DS utilizes specialized ballasts and lamps, combined with our proprietary Airocide DS titanium dioxide coated catalysts. This combination produces the most effective, affordable in-office technology for the removal of harmful pollutants or contaminants that come from anesthetic gases (like nitrous oxide) and chemical fumes from substances such as glutaraldehyde, dental materials, or even perfumes and topical medications from patients and staff.

  • FDA Approved
  • Technology developed by NASA
  • No filters to clean or blades to wipe off
  • No ozone


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