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  • Produces pure, scentless air
  • Removes virtually all VOCs, such as glutaraldehyde and nitrous oxide
  • Eliminates many major causes of allergy symptoms
  • Uses sophisticated NASA-developed technology


The Tiniest Particles Can Cause the Biggest Problems

Indoor pollution is inevitable, even the cleanest offices have this problem. The main culprits are small, inhalable particles such as dust, allergens, bacteria, airborne mold spores and chemical vapors.

These pollutants or contaminants can come from anesthetic gases like nitrous oxide, chemical fumes from substances such as glutaraldehyde, dental materials or even people. These don’t just cause that “dentist office” smell – they detract from your goal of creating a healthful, comfortable atmosphere for your patients and your staff. Can you imagine if you never heard another patient mention “dentist’s office smell” again? With Airocide DS, you can virtually guarantee it.

Airocide DS provides a solution for Dental Offices and Operatories

Using unique, NASA-developed technology, Airocide pulls impurities into a condensed layer of catalysts. This process oxidizes and destroys the contaminants – it doesn’t just hide them inside a filter.

What’s left? Fresh, clear air. This means healthier dentists, healthier staff and healthier patients. Rest assured that you are doing all you can to protect your practice.